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Car Insurance

Car Insurance, alternatively known as motor insurance or auto insurance is a specific policy that you buy for the protection of your vehicle against any sort of damages due to inescapable or unfortunate accident. Since India is a country mainly known for its vast population, car accidents have become a daily drama here. No matter how safely you drive your car or how responsibly you manage your vehicle, accidents can happen just as fast as we blink isn’t it? Imagine this: you parked your car outside a shopping mall and when you come back from shopping after a couple hours, with a bolt from the blue you discover a big dent on the back of your car. How do you deal with such situation? Well, fortunately, that’s when your online car insurance policy comes into its role play.

Top Features

24 x 7 Break Down Services | Cashless Repair | Third Party Property Damage | Windscreen Glass Coverage | Nil Depreciation | Engine Projection

Two Wheeler Insurance

If you want to be eligible for driving your new or old bike, you have to buy two wheeler insurance online. It is easy to get the best two wheeler insurance policy or a bike insurance policy in India as there is a plenty of bike insurance companies available. If you get a two wheeler insurance online you can enjoy stress-free rides knowing all possible risks are covered in India. You can come across cheapest quotes of two wheeler insurance online policies if you compare two wheeler insurance online and you can also avail discounts and save some money. A credible bike insurance policy will protect you from all the possible hazards while riding your bike or scooter. This is why you should get the best two wheeler insurance online plan. Read on to gather information on how to compare two wheeler insurance when you have to renew and buy two wheeler insurance in India for your new or old vehicle.

Top Features

Minimum paperwork | NCB | Add-on cover | Cashless claims | More discounts | Personal accident cover

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Health Insurance

Health insurance plan is essentially an agreement health insurance companies in India and people those who seek health insurance policy. In the agreement, health insurance companies cover medical expenses of health insurance policyholders as per their medical insurance policy documents. The health insurance coverage is available either on cashless or on reimbursement basis. Best health insurance companies facilitate their medical insurance customers with cashless health insurance facility in all of their network hospitals in India. In some cases, claims on health insurance policies paid on reimbursement basis, especially when mediclaim policyholders avail treatment in a hospital which is not included in the network of health insurance companies. The premium payable on medical insurance plans is also eligible for tax deductions.

Top Features

Medical Checkup | Ambulance | Pre & Post Hospitilazion | Cashless Transaction | Tax Benefits | Extented Cover


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